Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Speak with Stefany :: Ask your questions about our Ponytail Holders & Wrist Bands

I wanted to start this blog so I could answer questions people may have regarding my accessories. Please put your questions about our ponytail holders and wrist bands in the Comments below. Just click the Comment link under this post, and I will see your question, and answer it. Ask me anything from the materials we use to how to wear it in your hair and for which occasion.

Questions/Comments and Interviews I've had so far:
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How to Submit Your Question:
Scroll down until you see "Post a Comment". Enter your question in the Comments box and click "Post Comment". I will get your question, and paste the link back here on this post and leave a link in the Comments.


  1. Your zebra ponytail holder is really cool, but is it real zebra? I don't think I could wear that! But it is cool...

  2. Hey Mista,
    No, the zebra ponytail holder is made from leather with embossed print. I answer it in more detail here:

  3. How do the ponytail holders work? Is it a rubber band or....? Thanks!

    Any chance you'll make a solid brown one for brunettes?

  5. Hey Rachel,
    The ponytail holders are made with an elastic band that is attached to leather covering that goes around your hair and snaps easily to hold it in place!

  6. Hi,
    Thank you!:) I can custom make you a brown one. Email me at Let me know whether you are looking for a medium or dark brown one. Speak soon!

  7. Hello,

    Do you ship via Canada, just one piece ?
    Red Patent Ponytail Holder/Hair Cuff $12?
    And if yes is it a free shipping?
    Pls.let me know
    Tks.a lot