Monday, September 21, 2009

Justin Brown with Aarrow Advertising Spinning Di Manno Designs sign, NYC Fashion Week

Justin Brown with Aarrow Advertising was seen spinning this Di Manno Designs sign in front of the Mercedes Benz fashion tent in Bryant Park during Sept fashion week in NYC.
This type of marketing is known as guerilla marketing and can be very effective to market a company, especially in a heavily populated location like this one in NYC with a fashion event going on at the same time! On one side of the sign was a Di Manno Designs ponytail holder picture and on the other side was a Di Manno Designs headband and wrist cuff shot with my logo on both sides. I am wearing a Di Manno Designs black brass studded headband and matching wristband in this picture and Justin is wearing his favorite Di Manno Designs accessory, the white large crystal wristband.
Aarrow Advertising is the world's largest guerilla marketing franchise, which was launched in 2002. The famous "Aarrow Sign Spinners" perform in many different US cities as well as different countries around the world. Justin Brown in this picture and video was Di Manno Designs sign spinner. At every red traffic light, he would run out into the street and spin the sign, showing us all his tricks he has learned over the years. He is great!:)
I like the fact that this form of advertising reaches so many people in such a short period of time.
I also like that it immediately grabs peoples' attention and is unique and memorable. I think people tend to remember this type of marketing, because it is so visual and different than the traditional flier hand outs in the streets. Be sure to watch the video clip below and stay tuned for an interview with Justin....

Renaissance Hotel Launch Party, NYC

Thursday Sept 17th Renaissance Hotel had their launch party at their new spot at 130 East 57th Street in NYC. The decor is very cozy and chic at the same time, which I really like. I remember when this building was the Habitat Hotel a few years ago, which was a hotel with discounted rates, where you shared a communal bathroom on each floor! I stayed there before I even lived in NYC when I was looking for apartments here. It has come a long way since those days! The party had different floors, the 2nd floor had an Absolut party room and separate lounge/bar, which later in the evening held a spectacular piano performance. After the crowd mingled for awhile on the 2nd floor, they made their way to the 17th floor where there were a couple of penthouses with balconies/terraces, one which held an auction and a VIP/dessert and champagne room, which always makes everyone happy.:) For musical entertainment, Mr Hudson performed outside on the terrace on the 17th floor. Relevant produced the event and Soza Models had models working the event.
As far as celebrity spottings, Brooke Shields, Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley hung out for awhile at the party among other actors and actresses.
The charity was linked to, which is a philanthropy organization that enables individuals to make loans to low income entrepreneurs around the globe. Proceeds from the silent auction are going towards empowering women entrepreneurs in honor of Renaissance Hotel 57's beginnings as a hotel for women and later as a shelter for women. What a beautiful purpose! :)
Everyone was dressed to impressed, and I must say I really felt the urge to hand out Di Manno Designs ponytail holders to the elegant ladies I saw in their beautiful evening wear with their hair back in a ponytail with an elastic band! I couldn't help but envision how much better their dresses would look with a chic pony covering up that elastic band in their hair! There was one woman with a tan lace tailored dress, in which I thought the tan patent ponytail holder would have polished off her slicked back ponytail look and another woman in a silk black flowy short dress, in which I thought the black patent, python, zebra or the black crystal covered ponytail holder would have given the outfit that finishing touch!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Plaza Too and Prada Party, NYC Fashion Week

It is September again in NYC, which in the fashion world means everyone is gearing up for Sept fashion week in NYC! On Thursday, Sept 10th, my first stop was at the Plaza Too retail store in the West Village at 571 Hudson Street. Thomas Mendes, founder of Plaza Too hosted "Another Fashion Night Out Party." My friend Walt met me there and I enjoyed complimentary champagne as well as meeting some cool people. If you are looking for sexy shoes and handbags head here!

After Plaza Too, we made a pit stop at a Chinese restaurant to eat and then headed to another fashion party at the Prada store in Soho. We got there perfect timing, right before the group Rapture performed! This was my first time seeing them live. I was impressed, they are great live and their music is upbeat and fun! Lots of people in the front row were dancing including me.:)

In the picture above I am wearing a Di Manno Designs Black Croc Wrist Cuff with a Ralph Lauren Black Croc belt.