Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Di Manno Designs wrist bands: for men and women

When I first thought of who my Di Manno Designs wrist band collection would be for, I thought of myself, of course, other women and gay guys. To my surprise I have spoken with quite a few straight males that said they want to "rock a wrist band"...and not just in black leather! I spoke with one straight guy who loves the python and black crystal covered wrist band made with Crystallized ™-Swarovski Elements and another straight guy who thinks the white large crystal wrist band made with Crystallized ™-Swarovski Elements is "sweet."
So looks like the wrist bands are not just for women and gay guys after all!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Information on Di Manno Designs Wrist Bands

Di Manno Designs now has wrist bands available for all seasons. . They are available in 4 different collections: Leather, Patent Leather, Exotic Skin and Crystal made with Crystallized ™-Swarovski Elements.

They are approx. 8 inches in length and have 2 sets of snaps at the end for size adjustment. The snaps are silver.
The wrist bands are very versatile you can wear it with fancy attire or dress up a simple pair of jeans. One night I had on a simple black tank with black pants and I wore the Black Crystal Covered Wrist Band. It completed the outfit and gave it a "rock star" element. In the pictures we took that night you could see the shine coming from the Swarovski crystals on the wrist band!

If you have any other questions or comments--feel free to ask or suggest!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Interview with Carol Williamson, District Sales Manager at Swarovski

When I decided to use Swarovski's branding for my crystal ponytail holders and later added the crystal wrist bands made with Crystallized ™-Swarovski Elements, I met with Carol and she walked me through the steps of obtaining authorization to use the branding. I am happy I took the time to do so because everyone knows of Swarovski and respects the reputation the name and brand upholds. Carol was very helpful and eager in assisting me to get approval to use their branding. I just attended a presentation to see their new colors, cuts and trends for Spring/Summer. Very inspiring! Great way to learn about the brand and get ideas for future collections. Here is my interview with Carol...

What is your title and how long have you been working at Swarovski?

My title is District Sales Manager and on June 1st it will be my 10-year anniversary. I was the first sales person hired. Before the year 2000 we were exclusively distributed through resellers.

Where do the crystals come from?

Crystal is a man made material. The basic ingredients are heated at a high temperature and cooled in molds. The cooling process makes the colors. The stones are then machine cut for perfect brilliance.

What would you say sets Swarovski superior to other crystal companies?

We have the highest Quality of crystal stones. All our stones are fully machine cut. Other crystals are partially cut or “pressed” or “fire polished” or not cut at all. We have the largest Variety of stones and the most Innovative cuts. Our patent cut is called a Xillion cut which has wider and narrow facets on the sides and a smaller tabletop, which currently make them the most Brilliant stones on the market. We have the largest color assortment with the smallest tolerance levels for size and color shade.

How many times a year does Swarovski come out with new crystals?

We launch our new products twice a year following the trends of the season. Fall/Winter is launched in September and spring /summer is launched in February.

Why did Swarovski choose Crystallized ™-Swarovski Elements as the new logo?

Our division of component parts needed to be differentiated from our retail stores. It was becoming confusing in the market and we have opened many more divisions. The word Crystallized is a variation of Crystal. Swarovski is the name most people are familiar with and we describe our parts as elements. The word elements opens the mind for different uses. Not just for jewelry or clothing.

What are the benefits Swarovski gets from having different companies use the Swarovski branding and what companies can get authorized from Swarovski to use their branding?

Any company that has a brand and uses 100% Crystallized-Swarovski Elements is eligible to use the brand. For most brands it is used as a sign that the best crystal was used to make the product. This is a way the end consumer is noticing that we are not just figurines.

What would you say has been the greatest thing you have learned at Swarovski?

I enjoy how our company keeps up with the trends and makes new innovations to adapt to the trends. It’s like being in a race that never ends. I like constantly evolving. There is never a dull moment and work doesn’t get stale.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Collective-E, A Place to Go to be Inspired

A few months ago I joined Collective-E as a core member when they had their launch party in NYC. I have to say it has been one of the best investments I've made. I had a good feeling about it that night and the feeling just keeps getting better every time I meet with the women in the group whether it is at a meeting or taking a class. Collective-E is a women entrepreneur group, a "support group," where you can network, ask questions, share ideas , take classes and just be INSPIRED. There are different levels of membership. They periodically hold Wisdom Socials where members can get together and discuss their business and goals, which has been so helpful in getting ideas about how to handle my business more efficiently. I get so inspired by hearing some of the other women's success stories... and that is such a great feeling! Some of the other perks, besides being inspired are: you can market yourself and your business on their website, showcasing new products or services on the "Just Debuted" section, have access to their PR leads as a member, take classes to learn and grow your business and ask questions or have discussions on the forums. The three women who started Collective-E, Beth Schoenfeldt,
Katie Hellmuth Martin and Sabina Ptacin are all lovely, positive, good people who genuinely want to help you with your business. They all come with different business backgrounds that they bring to the table, which is one of the reasons, I think Collective-E works so well.
So if you are feeling like you are overwhelmed with your business, don't know how to get started or how to continue with it or would like a creativity and inspirational boost, this is the group to join to move forward building your brand and business into a successful one.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bestow Boutique's Cheeky Rumba Knickers

I figured I would start a "Stef's Favorite Things" category so I can share some of my favorite things with you. I just received my black Cheeky Rumba Knickers I ordered from Bestow Boutique. I must say, they are adorable with all of the ruffles! I think they would look great paired with a black corset.
Bestow is a unique gift, personal accessories and decorative home boutique. I also love the Oversized Crystal Necklace and the Gold Beaded Purse. If you are looking to buy candles or soaps as a gift, their packaging is super cute. Also, Bestow has just launched a blog, if you wish to get home decorating ideas or read interviews with different designers.
Favorite Things I've Listed so far: