Friday, August 13, 2010

Zumba with Jeannine at Club H Fitness

I just joined Club H Fitness and I have really been enjoying the Zumba class there with Jeannine. This is the first time I have ever heard or taken a Zumba class, apparently it is pretty big and is getting tons of press because it is so popular! I love it because Jeannine is amazing, it's fun to be in a class with her because she exudes such great positive energy!!! And those of us who take gym classes regularly know that the instructor can make or break the class and Jeannine definitely MAKES it! The music is awesome and it's fun to dance to it. Besides her great spirit, Jeannine's class is also popular because you can pretty easily pick up the moves, which makes it appeal to people on all different levels, even those who have never even taken a dance class. Zumba is Latin inspired dancing mixed with a little bit of hip hop and funk. It is a great cardio work out! You don't even realize that an hour goes by, because you are having so much fun! Also fun to watch her body move, she is so good! I am a big believer in maintaining good mental, spiritual and physical health. I think it is important to have a balance of all 3 to be healthy, have a focused mind and good spirit. When you do, a clear mind brings smart and innovative ideas, you attract positive energy and people because you feel good and a healthy body and good metabolism gives you the energy and stamina you need to run your business. I know when I am feeling mentally, spiritually and physically balanced, I am most productive, so I don't neglect any one! They all work together.:) If you work out at Club H, check her out and be ready to shake your hips! Although the classes are getting so crowded... think we will soon need to hold them in a bigger room...You rock Jeannine! Thanks for making working out fun:)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Friends are an Inspiration Source for your Company

Sometimes you don't have to go too far for inspiration. Some of your friends maybe be a source for your inspiration. My friend Tori is that for me and Di Manno Designs. We hung out today in NYC to bounce ideas off one another. He took me to some cool fabric stores in the garment center where he buys some of his fabrics for Toriola Designs. I found some great stuff that we are going to use for a new line Di Manno Designs will be coming out with soon. Tori makes his own pieces and offered to make me some samples of some of the pieces that will be in the new collection. Do friends get any better??? He has a talent to create dresses, shirts and accessories and I am lucky to be his friend:) He is teaching me that things can get done without spending a ton of money and for that I am thankful. Thanks Tori! I will be happy to reward him with part of the profit!:) We were getting so inspired in the stores, our minds were both filled with so many ideas we couldn't even voice all of them! lol After the stores we went to my manufacturer's office to see some of the new samples he has been working on. Sometimes I forget how important days like today are. It is not ALL about the phone calls and emails, your company needs a balance of all elements and today, the brainstorming and visuals were definitely needed to jump start the new line. So fun to do that with a friend! The new collection will involve more print fabrics, designs, hardware and will be for a mass market. Stay tuned to see the new DD line!!!