Monday, May 9, 2011

Accessories Council Event/Doneger Presentation

It was that time again for Accessories Council Event/ David Wolfe's presentation (at the Doneger Group) of the Fall 2011 Runway shows and all the trends of the season. Wanted to give a recap on David's review of some of the trends he noticed. He said he thought this fashion season was the best he has seen in decades! He likes how "grown up clothes" are back in style, matching suits along with "lady-like dresses" with high necklines and sleeves. He particularly liked Ralph Lauren's accessories which had a vintage-asian inspiration and Lanvin's necklaces, which looked like "art to wear." Necklaces aren't as big and bold and wrist cuffs are still very popular. He saw modern lines in the dresses and romantic jewelry popular coming back from the past. Long gloves are still in style and crazy looking shoes that look very uncomfortable were still on the runway, which David mentioned he wasn't thrilled to see! And socks being paired not only with boots, but with heels! Other items he saw on the runway are tuxedos, couture coats, capes and tunics.
As far as fabric, a lot of heavy weight fabric, leather, wool and fur. A lot of fur accessories! Jean Paul Gautier even designed a rolling suit case that had fur trim! Python is still very in, not just natural, but bold bright colors. Looks like Di Manno Designs is right on target with the new DD line, which includes yellow and orange python (imitation) ponytail holders and headbands. He saw a lot of bright colors, hot pink, citrus orange, lemon yellow, red, blue and a lot of green accessories especially. He noticed the handbags are simpler, not so big and studded, cleaner lines and more subtle. Drapery is still out, but more subtle and dresses that are straight down and
"not so tight"are back.
He also started with saying that he would pick Chado Ralph Rucci to design for Dior and couldn't quite understand the candidates that have been mentioned in the press! As time unfolds, we shall see who gets the job...
David's presentations are fun and informative, always great to get so many good visuals of what the trends are for the season paired with a great delivery!