Monday, April 27, 2009

Di Manno Designs White Crystal Covered Pony looks good with white pant suit

I attended the W Hoboken opening party last week. My best friend, Brenda Versoza of Soza Models had some of her staff working the event. Brenda wore a white pant suit with her hair back in a Di Manno Designs White Crystal Covered ponytail. It was the perfect accessory that completed her outfit. She said people were asking her where she got the pony! Just an idea for an outfit/accessory pairing...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Information on Custom Orders

Just wanted to let you know, that if a Di Manno Designs pony or wrist band doesn't fit you, I am able to do custom orders. I just did a custom order for a lady I met at the Shecky's show. She bought a black croc pony narrow and was hoping when she straightened her hair (she has super thick hair) it would fit. It didn't, so I just had my manufacturer make her one that would fit. There is an extra $5 charge for custom orders. I didn't want to get into different sizes when I first made the pony. I tried the pony on several different people from thick to thin hair, and to my surprise the 5 inches long looked good on everyone. 5 inches long does fit the majority of people, but if you find you try one on and it doesn't, shoot me an email and I can make one just for you!