Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wendy Robbin's Six Secrets to Sell a Product

I met Wendy Robbins when I taped the episode of Homemade Millionaire in which Di Manno Designs ponytail holders were featured as the invention on the premiere episode which aired on TLC. Wendy was the coach on the show who helped us with our product after the focus group competition and coached the 2 ladies who remained on the episode to prepare them for HSN. Wendy went from 10,000 in debt to making millions after selling her invention, the Tingler on HSN. She now coaches as well to help others get their products selling mass! Love Wendy's energy! Love her optimistic, positive and upbeat personality!
Wendy and I reconnected when we appeared on the WB 11 PIX news to promote Homemade Millionaire. Learned about the book she just wrote, Why Marry a Millionaire? Just Be One!, read it and now would like to share some tips Wendy teaches in her free coaching videos.
Her six secrets to sell a product to anyone are:

1. Create rapport
Ask questions and maintain eye contact with who you are selling to. Be personable.

2. Create a headline that describes your product. "Think like Twitter," she says and fill in the blank. My product is a better way to___. Short and to the point!

3. The Industry. "How Big?"
Figure out the problem and how many people need your product. You can google "free keyword search" and check to see how many people are searching for your product.

4. Your Product-the unique solution.
Why is your product unique, what sets it aside from what is already out there.

5. Demo
Create an effective demo for your product. Demonstrate how quick and easy it is to use.

6. Sale
Don't be afraid to ask people to buy your product. Let people know WHY they should buy!

Whether this is just a reminder for you if you have a product or this sparks some new ideas for you, hope this helps you to market your product more effectively, so it in turn will sell more!