Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Di Manno Designs Accessory Idea for Audrina Patridge and AnnaLynne McCord Shows that Studded Wrist Cuffs Are In

Photos from show celebrities are wearing their hair back more and more on the red carpet and studded wrist cuffs are in!
To the far left, Audrina Patridge has her hair done in a sexy low side ponytail. Even if the ponytail holder could only be seen from the back, why not look good from the back too! I think a Di Manno Designs White Patent Leather Narrow Pony (retail price $25) would go perfect with this look!
AnnaLynne McCord is wearing a very feminine dress in this picture paired with very rock and roll accessories; a studded belt and a studded wrist cuff. Blending these 2 different looks works for her and gives this ultra girly dress a little edge. Love it! Perfect example of how accessories can create a look, feel and mood. I think a Di Manno Designs Black Brass Studded Wrist Cuff (retail price $33) would look hot with this look.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

In Style Says: Keep Your Summer Ponytail

No longer are ponytails just for the gym!

The article talks about the versatility of a ponytail; the fact that you can wear it casually with just a tank top on or in formal attire with a tux. In this pic to the left, Jennifer Aniston is wearing a tux with her hair back in a ponytail. Her hair stylist, Chris McMillan explains to achieve this look, sleek at the sides with volume at the top, you start with a low ponytail, tighten with an elastic, split the tail in two and pull both ends to tighten the sides and loosten the roots.

What I would have done differently is replaced the plain old elastic with a Di Manno Designs black patent pony narrow with this look.

In Sept 2009 issue of In Style Magazine, there is an article on ponytail hairstyles: Hair and Now Tighten Your Tie. They show pics of Megan Fox, Lucy Liu, Molly Sims and Christina Ricci in sleek ponytail looks, saying "Messy, undone ponytails are so 2007." They say to achieve the sleek ponytail look, like Megan Fox has in the pic above, gather your hair back at ear height, secure with an elastic, and smooth the sides. NYC stylist, Yusef Williams was also quoted with his tip: "Use a bit of hairspray on a toothbrush to sleek down the fuzz along the hairline."
Again, instead of just using an elastic band as they suggested, I would use a Di Manno Designs ponytail holder to polish off Megan's outfit. With this hot black dress she is rocking, I think she could finish the look with a number of different Di Manno Designs ponytail holders, my top picks would be: a basic black leather ponytail holder (standard or narrow size) or a python ponytail holder (standard or narrow size).
So ladies, hope this inspires you to play around with different ponytail looks! And remember, you don't have to be on the red carpet to sport these ponytail looks, try them with your business attire for the office. Whether you want a sleek, slicked-back look or a voluminous ponytail look there's a Di Manno Designs ponytail holder waiting to be wrapped around your tail!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Headbands are in for Fall says She Finds

She Finds wrote an article about how headbands are in for fall, all different types from sequence hippie-chic to braided classic-chic to nature inspired headbands. No more are headbands considered just for the school girl look. Headbands are creating looks for every type of girl. Di Manno Designs offers headbands in four different collections: Leather, Exotic, Studded and Crystal made with Crystallized ™-Swarovski Elements. All headbands are made with genuine leather (except the Python, which is real python skin) and are $35-$99 depending on the style. So whether you are feeling a bit bold and would like to throw on a Zebra headband to spice up your outfit or feeling a little edgy and want to rock the studded headbands or just feel like being basic in a simple black genuine leather headband or feel like being classic-chic, add an elegant shine with the crystal headbands. With Di Manno Designs headbands there is a LOOK for all of your moods!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

JC Penney Store Opening Event in NYC

Friday, July 31, 2009 JC Penney made a big splash in NYC unveiling their new and first flagship store in Greeley Square. All day there was a runway set up outside across the street from the store, where they had fashion shows of their latest trends, trivia and give aways.
Brenda Versoza of Soza Models co-hosted the accessories give aways on the stage. She modeled bags, hats and sunglasses and then cheered on various audience members who came up to strut their stuff on stage and win the prize! Way to go Brenda!

Jorge Ramon, NYC celebrity stylist hosted the fashion shows on the runway. He styled all the models that were in the fashion show and announced all the outfits on the models who walked the runway showing all the latest styles from JC Penney and designers. Great job Jorge! You can currently check out Jorge on a show called The Look on mun2 network and also as a judge on SiTV's Model Latina.
In the top left hand picture is Jorge Ramon and I. I am wearing a Di Manno Designs Zebra headband and Zebra wristband. Next to that picture, is Jorge, Brenda and I. The one right below is Brenda on stage with host and the bottom picture is Jorge hosting one of the fashion shows.
What a fun day!:)