Thursday, October 29, 2009

Di Manno Designs Wrist Cuffs Featured on WPIX 11 Morning News

Today Di Manno Designs Black Silver Studded and Black Large Crystal and White Brass Studded Wrist Cuff and Black Silver Studded Headband were featured on WPIX 11 Morning News! To think that not even 2 years ago I was just thinking of the concept and today I was watching them on TV. What a great feeling! The segment, hosted by Michelle Madhok, founder of She and Tamsen Fadal of WPIX 11, was about vampire-inspired items for Halloween. Tamsen pointed out that Di Manno Designs cuffs are not only for women, they are for men too. "Vampy" accessories are in this season with shows and movies out like Twilight and Vampire Diaries. Michelle mentions that "Vamp" is probably in due to the history of Vampires and the romanticism associated with them.

Other items featured were: Just Bubbly soap, Michele Baratta necklace, Jules Smith necklace, Luna Twilight makeup, 2Enlight10 clutch and DayNa Decker candle. Congrats to all the companies that appeared on TV and to Sabina Ptacin of Collective-E who worked hard to help make this happen. You rock Sabina!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Di Manno Designs Accessories Are Not Only for the Young

My mom and dad came to NYC to visit my sister and I (mom, Ange and dad are in the picture shown above) in October. I was surprised when my mom asked me if she could wear a headband! Of course I said yes:) One day she wore a Di Manno Designs Black Leather basic headband (shown in the picture above) when we went for a stroll around Herald Square to do some shopping. Another night, she put on a nice top and wanted to wear an accessory to jazz up her outfit, so she chose the Black Crystal Covered Headband made with Crystallized Swarovski Elements. (shown in the picture above)
This is a prime example that shows that these accessories are for all age groups, from little girls who adore the Canvas Bows, teenagers and young women who love the Patent, Exotic, Studded and Crystal collections to the older woman who will wear both basic Leather and Crystal collections! My mom has already put in her request for a dark brown leather headband, which will be custom made. She mentioned she would like it to match more with her hair color. She will get it when I visit them for Thanksgiving. Thanks for your support mom, and I didn't even have to ask!:)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Interview with Justin Brown with AArrow Advertising

Stefany: How long have you been at AArrow Advertising, and what is your title?

Justin: My name is Justin Brown, I'm 24 years old, and I am the director of training for AArrow Advertising. I've been spinning signs for about 5 years now.

Stefany: What types of services do you offer companies and what are the rates?

Justin: We're a guerrilla marketing company that specializes in a new form of interactive advertising that uses street performance to attract attention. AArrow Sign Spinners are an hourly service, which ranges from $30 to $40 per hour.

Stefany: What companies have you worked with?

Justin: We've worked in every industry including McDonald's, State Farm, Paramount Pictures, Vitamin Water, Snoop Dogg and even Di Manno Designs! (Just to name a few)

Stefany: Have you seen this form of advertising successful with any of your past clients?

Justin: We've gotten great results in driving traffic and increasing sales because of our engaging energy. We find and reach out to our clients target market, to create the most adaptive and efficient form of advertising available.

Stefany: What do you like most about working with AArrow?

Justin: The thing I most like about AArrow is the opportunity to going around the world and perform a skill to millions of people, to spend my time performing for people and making them smile..that is the best part about this job!

Stefany: Check out more about AArrow Sign Spinning at:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Di Manno Designs White Large Crystal Wristband Appears on America's Got Talent

Justin Brown with Aarrow Advertising auditioned for America's Got Talent. In these pictures, he is wearing his favorite Di Manno Designs accessory, the White Large Crystal Wristband made with Crystallized Swarovski Elements.
Great job Justin and great outfit!
I love a guy who has some style and is not afraid to stand out in a crowd!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Seize Sur Vingt Store Opening party at Their New 78 Greene Street Location in Soho Sponsored by Rolling Stone

Yesterday evening I attended Seize Sur Vingt's store opening party at 78 Greene Street in Soho sponsored by Rolling Stone. James and Gwendolyn Jurney founded Seize Sur Vingt in 1998, which is a finely tailored clothing company for men and women. They are known for their premium quality shirts and suits made with blends using Egyptian cottons, wool, cashmere and linen. You can also find shoes, sportswear and accessories at their store. It's no wonder that their production comes from family-owned and operated workshops in Italy, Portugal and England! If you need a suit custom tailored, they have a tailor who works on site to get the job done! Everything is high scale in this shop from the top quality fabrics they use to their impeccable customer service.
They relocated from their Nolita posts at 243 and 267 Elizabeth street, which they were at for years. They wanted a larger space to combine both of their concepts: Groupe and Seize Sur Vingt. Party was very fun with a cool mix of creative people and the drinks were yummy. Chopin Vodka was offered and a rum that they were mixing with cider to make cocktails. Food was being passed and James and Gwen were busy talking with all the guests in between interviews with TV stations. Happy for them that they can now sit back, relax and celebrate their new home for Seize Sur Vingt and Groupe!:) They also have a store in the Plaza Hotel.
In the picture above, I am with James and Gwen Jurney wearing a Di Manno Designs Black Crystal Headband with the matching wrist cuff.