Monday, April 26, 2010

Luxury Marketing Council Event for Giorgi Gucci's New Launch and Nirali Shah Pop Up Shop Party Night

I started off the evening by meeting my friend Erik Tancun of Imperial Jets at a Luxury Marketing Council Event. The event was a preview of the launch party for Emperor's Brand, which is a new line of collectible cognacs and vodkas owned by Zina Mashin and Andre De Vickont in partnership with Giorgio Gucci, grandson of Guccio Gucci, founder of the Gucci brand.
We tried and drank the Imperial Vodka with mixers, which was smooth and did not give a headache the day after! There was also a collection of wines that were being sampled and a presentation on the black tie event for the Emperor Brand launch, which will be in both Washington DC and NYC. Mingled before and after presentation, then headed to the Nirali Shah pop up shop party in a loft in Tribeca. Really fun, open bar, models walking around with all the different fashion pieces and accessories being sold here from different vendors. Met up with friends (in the picture) who also came to the event. In the picture above to the left: Sabina Ptacin of Collective-E and Red Branch PR, me, Tori of Toriola (also a stylist), Brian, Vanessa and Michael Quinlan of Red Branch PR. In picture below is Erik Tancun of Imperial Jets and I. (I am wearing 2 Di Manno Designs ponytail holders in my hair, a black leather narrow at the base of the braid and a custom made (shorter) black leather narrow at the end of the braid.)
What an eventful night!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sally at Kent House for Presentation Boxes, Packaging and More

One morning last year, bright and early, I attended my friend Lori's BNI (Business Networking group)marketing meeting at 7:15 am as a guest. I met Sally, owner of Kent House, which is a company that makes gift items, display boxes, packaging, photo albums and more. I needed a house for my ponytail holders, so decided to go meet Sally at her office in Chelsea to see if she could do presentation boxes for me, which I could take to meetings to show my accessories. At the time, I was using a black leather box with a Di Manno Designs logo on the outside, but all the accessories were just in the box and I felt I could use something that was more organized and looked better! Sally can pretty much do anything you would like, she does custom orders all the time, so I told her what I was looking for and together we came up with the idea of these 2 boxes to hold the ponies. The pictures don't do the boxes justice, because you miss some great details. I will try my best with a written description! The black box holds Di Manno Designs leather, patent leather, exotic skin and canvas collections. There is also a space with a box which now holds business cards, but if I would like, I could use that space for another future collection. (Sally made the box this way with that as the intention) Inside each division, there is different fabric to match the look and feel of the different collections, for the leather I chose a white canvas material, the patent sits on a red felt fabric, the canvas is on a creme canvas material and the exotic skin sits on a black velvet fabric and the material on the box itself is black python print. Sally made a pouch on the inside to hold the pouches with logos for display. I wanted everything together, so when in meetings, if a buyer wants to see packaging, I could show him/her the pouches as a suggestion. The white box houses Di Manno Designs crystal collection made with Crystallized-Swarovski Elements. I chose a gray felt fabric for the interior to mesh well with the crystals and the outside of the box is a white python print. We also included Swarovski's Crystallized logo in the box since the complete crystal collection is made with Crystallized-Swarovski Elements. We had the Di Manno Designs logo made into a stamp that Sally could use to stamp the boxes with the logo. We went with gold for the black box and silver for the white box. Sally is very creative and passionate about her work. When you see her in action in her space, you can see she pours her whole heart and soul into her company, which makes you feel comfortable knowing this woman is going to create something unique and special for your brand! So if you are looking for packaging, display boxes or anything original, I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the results at Kent House!
You can check out Sally's work at: