Thursday, September 22, 2011

DD by Di Manno Designs Headbands in Honolua Surf Stores in Kauai, Maui, Kona and Oahu

Who says you can't mix business with pleasure? It worked out fabulously for Di Manno Designs! In April, my family and I celebrated my mom's birthday in Hawaii. One day after brunch we walked into a few stores in this shopping village in Kauai and my sister and her fiance Buddy ended up getting a few things at this boutique called Honolua Surf Co. Cute boutique, loved the look, feel and the merchandise! I envisioned the new DD by Di Manno Designs line in there, started thinking the Gator and Patent collections would be a great fit in the store. After vacation, I reached out to them, sent samples, and as I imagined, they ended up getting the new DD by Di Manno Designs Gator headbands in White, Blue and Green, Black, Brown and Red Patent headbands and the Black Piuma Snakeskin headband!

DD by Di Manno Designs Headbands can now be found in
Honolua Surf Co. Wahine stores in Hawaii at:

Whaler's Village Wahine, Maui
2435 Ka'anapoli Parkway, L5
Lahaina, Hawaii

Princess Ka'iulani Wahine, Oahu
2356 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI

Kings Shop Waikoloa Wahine, Kona
25o Waikoloa Beach Dr. #E4
Waikoloa, HI

Poipu Shopping Village Wahine, Kauai
2360 Kiahuna Plantation Dr. B10
Koloa, HI

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Di Manno Designs Ponytail Holder for Every Occasion

Di Manno Designs ponytail holders are versatile and for all different occasions, whether you are wearing a dress, sporting jeans and a top or at a high profile event!

In the group shot, some friends and I all went out for an event in NYC and all happened to be wearing a Di Manno Designs ponytail holder with our dresses! (Python, Red Leather and Zebra Ponytail Holder standard)

Shannon, a Di Manno Designs fan and customer, also the "Eyebrow Expert" in St. Louis, in the pic above is wearing a Silver Piuma Ponytail Holder (narrow) at her daughter's gymnastic class! The Silver Piuma Pony is from the new DD by Di Manno Designs collection, which is made in NYC with imitation leather and faux fur.

And Brenda, President of Victory Models and Event Staffing, in this pic was at a high profile event
for W Hotels, the opening in Minneapolis in conjunction with Relevant Marketing Group.

So whatever the occasion be, going out with friends, at your daughter's gymnastic class or at an event for W hotels, don't forget to throw on your Di Manno Designs ponytail holder with your outfit if you plan to wear your hair back! Let Di Manno Designs complete your outfit whether you are in casual or fancy attire!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Accessories Council Event/Doneger Presentation

It was that time again for Accessories Council Event/ David Wolfe's presentation (at the Doneger Group) of the Fall 2011 Runway shows and all the trends of the season. Wanted to give a recap on David's review of some of the trends he noticed. He said he thought this fashion season was the best he has seen in decades! He likes how "grown up clothes" are back in style, matching suits along with "lady-like dresses" with high necklines and sleeves. He particularly liked Ralph Lauren's accessories which had a vintage-asian inspiration and Lanvin's necklaces, which looked like "art to wear." Necklaces aren't as big and bold and wrist cuffs are still very popular. He saw modern lines in the dresses and romantic jewelry popular coming back from the past. Long gloves are still in style and crazy looking shoes that look very uncomfortable were still on the runway, which David mentioned he wasn't thrilled to see! And socks being paired not only with boots, but with heels! Other items he saw on the runway are tuxedos, couture coats, capes and tunics.
As far as fabric, a lot of heavy weight fabric, leather, wool and fur. A lot of fur accessories! Jean Paul Gautier even designed a rolling suit case that had fur trim! Python is still very in, not just natural, but bold bright colors. Looks like Di Manno Designs is right on target with the new DD line, which includes yellow and orange python (imitation) ponytail holders and headbands. He saw a lot of bright colors, hot pink, citrus orange, lemon yellow, red, blue and a lot of green accessories especially. He noticed the handbags are simpler, not so big and studded, cleaner lines and more subtle. Drapery is still out, but more subtle and dresses that are straight down and
"not so tight"are back.
He also started with saying that he would pick Chado Ralph Rucci to design for Dior and couldn't quite understand the candidates that have been mentioned in the press! As time unfolds, we shall see who gets the job...
David's presentations are fun and informative, always great to get so many good visuals of what the trends are for the season paired with a great delivery!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wendy Robbin's Six Secrets to Sell a Product

I met Wendy Robbins when I taped the episode of Homemade Millionaire in which Di Manno Designs ponytail holders were featured as the invention on the premiere episode which aired on TLC. Wendy was the coach on the show who helped us with our product after the focus group competition and coached the 2 ladies who remained on the episode to prepare them for HSN. Wendy went from 10,000 in debt to making millions after selling her invention, the Tingler on HSN. She now coaches as well to help others get their products selling mass! Love Wendy's energy! Love her optimistic, positive and upbeat personality!
Wendy and I reconnected when we appeared on the WB 11 PIX news to promote Homemade Millionaire. Learned about the book she just wrote, Why Marry a Millionaire? Just Be One!, read it and now would like to share some tips Wendy teaches in her free coaching videos.
Her six secrets to sell a product to anyone are:

1. Create rapport
Ask questions and maintain eye contact with who you are selling to. Be personable.

2. Create a headline that describes your product. "Think like Twitter," she says and fill in the blank. My product is a better way to___. Short and to the point!

3. The Industry. "How Big?"
Figure out the problem and how many people need your product. You can google "free keyword search" and check to see how many people are searching for your product.

4. Your Product-the unique solution.
Why is your product unique, what sets it aside from what is already out there.

5. Demo
Create an effective demo for your product. Demonstrate how quick and easy it is to use.

6. Sale
Don't be afraid to ask people to buy your product. Let people know WHY they should buy!

Whether this is just a reminder for you if you have a product or this sparks some new ideas for you, hope this helps you to market your product more effectively, so it in turn will sell more!