Friday, May 15, 2009

Learning from Successful Women Entrepreneurs, SBA Loan vs Venture Capitalist

I attended a very interesting Enterprise Forum panel yesterday: Learning the Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs In a Down Economy. The panel consisted of: Kylie Sachs, Venture Capitalist, Ascend Venture Group, Stephanie Cion, Founder of WELLalarm LLC, Jennifer Hill, Vice President, Astia, Julie Brown, Founder and CEO of Inner Rewards and the Moderator, Beth Shoenfeldt, Founder Collective-E.
I love going to panels because I always leave knowing more than I did when I walked in.
I just wanted to share something I learned last night. If you are an entrepreneur looking for an investor, you are not able to team up with a venture capitalist if you have received a SBA (Small Business Administration) loan. This piece of information is an eye opener for me because I am thinking about applying for a loan and even though I am not thinking of pursuing investors at this time, it will definitely factor into my decision making process if and when I apply for a loan.
Knowledge is power!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rocking Di Manno Designs Black Leather Wrist Band at the VH1 Dana-Maxx Fashion Show Party

Went out to Greenhouse on Wednesday for the VH1/ Dana-Maxx fashion show party. Wore a Di Manno Designs Black Leather Wrist Band with jeans, a black tank, a brown leather vest and boots. In case you are wondering, this picture was taken after the fashion show when I boogied down on the dance floor to some great tunes! Just another idea to accessorize an outfit with a wrist band...
Don't forget all ponytail holders and wrist bands are 20% off until Mother's Day on Monday!