Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mojito Monday at Avenue sponsored by Bacardi

So this Monday I brought some of my friends to the new hot spot Avenue on 10th Avenue and 17th St. There was a complimentary bar at a private event. Lester Carter, Nightlife Marketing Manager of Empire Merchants invited me and asked me to also invite my friends, so I did!
Mondays are a tough night to go out, but it was an early event, so we all went and enjoyed the drinks and the beautiful lounge. There were a few drink options on the menu some of which included: Martini & Rossi Rose champagne, the Mojitos made with Bacardi Bacardi Superior and Bacardi Dragonberry and a pineapple mixed drink made with Grey Goose La Poire Vodka.
I am wearing a Red Leather Di Manno Designs Wrist Cuff with my mom's old hand-me-down dress that she used to wear back in the day! Love the clothes I got from mom! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dos Equis Party, Thursday, June 18th at Broad Street Ballroom

Had a detour last night, instead of One Oak for the Le Book party, went to the Dos Equis party at the Broad Street Ballroom at 41 Broad St. Beautiful space! Dos Equis beer was complimentary all night and they had tons of entertainment and appetizers floating around. Of course I opted for the popcorn and pop chips over the python and alligator appetizers! Different parties were on different floors, downstairs there was a pool party with Soza Models throwing around a football, main ballroom demonstration Bear Grylls and on the 8th floor were different rooms with different themes: Barber Shop, Bout of the Black Belts, Dr Sketchy Drawing Room, Titans of Table Tennis, Edible Entomology, Bravado of Billiards and Bhangra Lounge. They were also having a later party on the 9th floor and the roof where there were Birds of Prey and Reptiles. Mirrorball produced the event and Soza Models were staffed for the event.
In the top picture is Nicola with Soza Models and I. She was towering over me so I bent down to take the pic to make the height difference even more drastic! lol
Sean Finnegan of Soza Models is in the picture below.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Le Book Party at Glass House, Wednesday, June 17th

Iattended the Le Book Connections show yesterday at the Chelsea Art Museum with Sean Finnegan of Soza Models and then later went to their party at Glass House in West Chelsea. Space is beautiful, as you can imagine, all glass and great views of the city.

I was helping my best friend Brenda, with Soza Models as Soza staff was working both events. I learned that Le Book brings together many agencies at the show that represent photographers, sylists, illustrators etc. It is a great way for companies to get ideas of what to do and who to book for their next big campaign.
Going to another Le Book party this evening at One Oak...stay tuned!
PS The headband I'm wearing in these pics is the White Crystal Headband made with Crystallized ™-Swarovski Elements, one of the headband collections I just launched!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ideas for Dressing up your Outfit with Di Manno Designs Accessories


Just wanted to create some visuals, since I usually find it helpful, when thinking of what to wear and on top of that, what accessories to pair it with!
If your style is more classic chic, I would recommend going with solid leather, patent leather, python, blac croc and crystal. For casual attire with a pair of jeans and a top, if you are just hanging and want to throw your hair back just a basic leather pony and/or head band will do. I like to wear my basic black pony with a pair of jeans, casual cute tee and tennis shoes when I am running errands.

If you are more of a rock star girl (or guy) and want to add a little funk to your look, I like wearing the crystal and/or studded wrist bands out. You can wear then with a pair of simple jeans, cute top, throw on the black brass studded (one of my favorites) wrist cuff and headband and it adds a whole other element to the outfit. I also wear my studded collection with a tailored black skirt and top. I have a pair of black pants from BCBG that have this cool satin ribbon design up and down the leg, I like to wear my black crystal covered wrist band with it and a simple black tank. I let the wrist cuff dress it up! The other day I wore a cute little purple dress and put on my white brass studded wrist band and head band on with it with a pair of brass wedges from DKNY. With the same purple dress, I have also worn the white crystal covered pony and wrist band with it, or both!

For the sporty girl, I would recommend the canvas ponies. Now that it is summer, they are perfect to throw on with a bikini when laying out by the pool or with a jean skirt and tank.
The white and denim bows are my favorite. I like my jean skirt, white flowy tube top with one of the bows in my hair. And the cool thing is, you don't have to be afraid to get it wet! It is not leather, so feel free to jump in the pool or go in the ocean with them on!:) Or if you are an active girl, wear a canvas pony to the gym while working out or while out for a run or playing tennis.

That's it for now. Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sabina Ptacin co founder of Collective-E on Better TV

Sabina Ptacin of Collective-E appeared on Better TV speaking about how women are still starting small businesses despite the economy, she thinks even more so now than ever. She explains some of the reasons is to have flexibility in your schedule, a necessity to have an extra income and to have a control on your destiny. She says "Entrepreneurship is the New Black"
I loved when she said, while speaking about how being persistent is important, "Rome wasn't built in a day" and "PR is a marathon not a sprint" So true. It is so easy, especially if you have an impatient nature, to get a little frazzled wondering why things may not be happening as quickly as you want them to. So hearing this was a nice reminder that sometimes businesses just take some time to take off.
That is what I love about Sabina, always upbeat, positive and inspiring!
You can see the clip on: