Monday, December 28, 2009

How to do Fergie's Sexy Fishtail Braid Look

Fishtail braids are hot right now! And there are so many different ways to wear them! You can do a tight one, for a sleek elegant look as shown on this beautiful model in the photo above, or a wispy one for a bohemian chic look shown above featured in Seventeen Magazine tied with a Di Manno Designs black leather ponytail holder, or a loose one for sexy effortless look like Fergie has in the photo above.
Fergie wears her fishtail braid loose and to the side with her bangs hanging down for a soft flowy look, which matches well with her flowy top.

Here are instructions on how to do a fishtail braid:

1. Tie hair in a ponytail and part it into 2 equal sections.

2.Pull a 1/2 inch section of hair from the right section and add it to the left section.

3.Repeat with a piece from the left section adding it to the right section.

4.Continue adding 1/2 inch pieces to sections until you reach the end of the hair and then tie with a Di Manno Designs ponytail holder to hold it secure in place. (Di Manno Designs can custom make ponytail holders shorter for pigtail or braid looks to hold the ends of the hair)
Have fun trying your fishtail braid to get the look that matches your mood!:)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dakota Fanning is a Fan of Di Manno Designs Accessories

I was excited when I received a personally hand written letter in the mail from Dakota Fanning thanking me for the accessories I sent her. I sent her a
Di Manno Designs denim bow, red leather wrist cuff and a white crystal covered headband made with Crystallized Swarovski Elements. In the letter she said, "Thank you so much for the wristband, headband and hair tie from Di Manno Designs. Each accessory is SO cute and I love them...!
After sending out quite a few celebrity packages and hearing no response, it was a great feeling to hear a response from a celeb and a positive one in a hand written letter!:) I've watched Dakota in movies over the years and always admired her acting skills. Not only is she growing to be a beautiful young woman/actress, but she is kind and humble too! I respect her even more now!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christian City Church, C3, Another Place to be Inspired

About 2 years ago, my friend Adam (in the picture with me) brought me to C3 church. Ever since then, I have continued to go to their service because every time I do I am inspired. I was raised Catholic, of course, from 2 Italian immigrants, and I enjoy the Catholic Church, but always got the most out of the homily, so when I was introduced to C3, besides the music and offering, it is like one long homily. I get so much out of the messages! I am not concerned with denominations, I just want to go where ever I feel good and getting the most out of the messages, which will in turn, make me a better person.:)
This event, in the pictures, was to celebrate C3's 10th anniversary in Manhattan with a live painting show by Phil Pringle, who is the pastor of the C3 Church in Australia. It was exciting, the first time I have ever seen someone paint a whole painting live! It was quite amazing!
Stephen Hickson (in the picture above) is our pastor at C3 Manhattan, he is great! A native Australian, he is funny, charismatic and one of the best guys I know AND his messages are so powerful. There are 2 Sunday services, 11:00am and 6:00pm held at 242 West 41st in the Times Center in the auditorium.
I always walk away from service feeling good. And that's a beautiful thing!:)
In the picture above I have on a Di Manno Designs red patent leather wrist cuff.