Friday, January 22, 2010

Jennifer Aniston's Black Suit and Pony Look

In this picture Jennifer Aniston is wearing one of her sleek black suits with her hair up in a ponytail. I like the contrast between the tailored and chic black suit and her hair loosely pulled back in a ponytail with a couple of pieces hanging down in front.
To accessorize the pony, you could add a Di Manno Designs black leather or black patent leather ponytail holder with this look.
If you want a little more detail or color in the back you could add a Di Manno Designs black croc , python or red patent leather ponytail holder with this look.
To keep the look sleek, you could use a ponytail holder in narrow size. If you are looking to add a little edge, be bold and go with the standard size!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Being a Private Jet Flight Attendant, Another Source of Inspiration for Di Manno Designs

Ever since I was little, I always had a passion for travelling. And now that I have my own company, Di Manno Designs, I am constantly thinking of ways to improve or to add to it. Recently, I decided with my passion for travelling and the ideas and inspiration it would bring to me, becoming a private jet flight attendant would be ideal for me now. I realized how much I learned and experienced when I travelled in the past and thought that the aviation industry could bring me some great concepts and ideas with trips to new places for new lines and new business for Di Manno Designs. And of course the fact that I love people helped in the decision making process as well, since taking care of the clients on the jet is one of the most important jobs to tend to when flying. The job itself is not hard if you are a people person and good in the service industry, of course as in any industry, there are things to learn when starting out, but if you have a good crew, they will train and teach you. And the rest is up to you and maybe a higher power...and/or destiny...:) My very first few flights, I was trained by Damon Danneker, who is chief pilot at ARI Jets and was kind enough to spend extra time with me teaching me the business. Good for me that he is very patient and thorough! In this picture above, I am with Greg Delp, a pilot with ARI Jets who I just flew a few trips with. He has been in the business many years and is also a flight instructor, so I couldn't have gotten luckier learning the ins and the outs of the business with him on these trips! With Damon and Greg, I feel I am getting some good training! I am looking forward to learning and being inspired by different places and sharing them with you. Stay tuned!
In the photo above, I am wearing a Sabina Les scarf, (Signature Profile Paisley) to accessorize my black suit.