Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to Use a Di Manno Designs Ponytail Holder

After many requests to do a demonstration video on how use a Di Manno Designs ponytail it is! In this video, I am putting on a Di Manno Designs black patent ponytail holder (standard) in Sabina Les, a friend of mine's, hair. Watch if for yourself and see how easy it is!

Sabina Les is also wearing a Di Manno Designs black patent wrist cuff

I am wearing a Di Manno Desgins black croc wrist cuff

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Interview With Printed Scarf Designer, Sabina Les

Over the past few months, I've gotten to know Sabina Les, the woman who designs fabulous scarves, really well. We are both Collective-E and Accessories Council members and are at a lot of the same events together, so eventually we started talking at one of the events, and discovered we live nearby each other and have been close since! She gave me great styling tips when she showed me all the different ways I could wear my Sabina Les scarf...I was impressed! I wanted to take the time to ask her a few questions that you may be interested in hearing the answers to.
What made you decide to get into the scarf business?
I wanted to have an accessory line for a long time, something I could relate to. Scarves were a perfect choice because I'm a big fan and I couldn't find prints that I liked. With that in my mind, my designs have distinguished elegant, artistic and graphic personality.
Do you plan on adding any other lines?
Yes, I'm planning on expanding into other accessories starting with bags. Also, I'm collaborating with other designers.
How did you get on the Today Show?
I was doing my own PR and did a research on stylists. I "cold emailed" a fashion stylist pitching my scarves. Lucky for me, she emailed me back right away saying that she was looking for interesting scarves for the Today Show's fashion segment with the In Style magazine. She loved my scarves and asked for a few styles. About a week later, my scarf was on TV.
What were you working on previously and is it helping you now with your business?
I developed textile prints, branding, worked in merchandising and fashion design for some of the largest companies in the industry. Combining this experience with understanding of production process really helped me to stay on track with designing my own line and understanding that there is a lot of nitty-gritty details involved, sometimes more work than glamour!:)
If you would like to learn more about Sabina Les, go to: